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Investing in Shares for Beginners – Easy Ways to make Money


Investing in shares has captured the global market in the past decade. It has always been considered as the easiest way to grow your wealth overnight. As the matter of fact, it is not what it is assumed to be. It is about choosing companies that look likely to do well over the long term and whose shares should increase in value over time. It is a long-term planning and requires a lot of knowledge in the current affairs and global markets. Here I intend to provide some Information regarding Investment in shares for Beginners.

What is a Share?

make money
Make Money

It is important for a Beginner to understand what a Share is? A stock is an ownership of the assets and the profits of a company. Buying shares of a company mean that you are one of the many Owners (Share Holders) of that company and you have a claim over all the assets that the Company owns. The more Shares you own, the more Ri


gets you possess and consequently the more say you cherish. As an owner of the company, you have all the rights over the earnings as well as any voting right related to the stock.

Being a shareholder does not exactly means that you have a right to interfere in the daily course of work of that Company. You cannot order the workers to do as you say. The extent of your right in that company is limited to the Vote that you get to cast for the election of the Board of Directors.

Types of Stocks:

  • Common Stock

A person holding a common stock possesses all rights of voting in the corporate affairs.

  • Preferred Stock

Preferred stockholder does not enjoy the rights of voting but has a claim on the dividends when they are divided among the shareholders.


Buying and Selling Shares:

Some Important things for Investing in Shares for Beginners while buying a stock are as following:

  • Company Description

It is important for you to understand the basic mechanism behind the operations and the earnings of a company

  • Previous Stock Chart

By looking at the previous 10 years stock chart you get to know about the abrupt drops and increases of the stocks and the reason behind them.

  • Dividend Sustainability

The future of a company is as important as the past. One should also look for the future investments of a company to avoid any loss and to achieve a sustainable dividend.

  • Conclusion

After you have selected a company to buy its share. Mark it to your target list and wait for the shares to get cheap. Remember that patience is the key to success in this business.

Remember that it is not always about buying a share. To look for the right time to sell the share is as important as buying is. You just have to have that sense of business to evaluate the maximum peak values of the shares beyond which the prices will not or may not exceed. That’s exactly the point to sell your shares.


Investing in Shares for Beginners is a highly risky task. One thing that should be kept in mind is that the companies are not liable to pay out dividends if the company goes bankrupt. Some companies do pay dividends but others may not.

Make Money
Make Money

Companies can be categorized as High-Risk Companies and Low-Risk Companies. A Low-risk company will obviously be More Stay able and a better option for your investment.

Diversifying your methods of buying can minimize the risk involved in this business. What it means is that you should not only look for different companies to buy shares, but you should actually buy shares from different economic sectors.

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